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Homestuck sprite kettle base :iconraoyba:Raoyba 70 2 [HOMESTUCK BASE] HAIR SPRITE SHEET :iconcaecii:caecii 418 7 Homestuck Sprite Bases: clothes and hair :iconcaecii:caecii 346 9 homestuck sprite base: more hair. :iconcaecii:caecii 194 4 more homestuck hair sprite bases :iconcaecii:caecii 286 9 (base) more homestuck hair sprites :iconcaecii:caecii 65 8 MLP Base: when someone from the squad makes a pun :iconkingbases:KIngBases 101 6 pinkies :iconpaleona:Paleona 55 8
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Artist | Professional
United States
Don't join this group! I'm fucking serious, I've been trying for about a week and a half to join them, but after 3 tries I then have to wait and ENTIRE month to try again. And they had the gall to basically say "If you don't like it, go somewhere else." sort of attitude. I'm a pretty decent artist, and a pretty decent person, but... fucking HELL these people are such arrogant PRICKS! I had to update my art 4 times but they declined me anyways claiming that I was TRACING. I'm just... so fucking FED UP.


Siren Faering - Crystal
Name: Crystal

Gender: Female (Common)

Nicknames: N/A

Personality: Quiet

Backstory: N/A

Likes: Cleaning polluted water, running.

Dislikes: Trash and pollution.

- Orientation: Bisexual
- Mate/Partner (if applicable): None
- Offspring (if applicable): None
- Friends: None
- Apprentice (if applicable): None
    - Human:
    - Faering:


:bulletblue: Natural Mushrooms (Almond Truffles): Common

:bulletblue: Gemstones (Clear Quartz): Mythic

:bulletblue: Fairy Bell - Gemstone (Clear Quartz): Mythic

:bulletblue: Normal Hair: Common

:bulletblue: Fins Instead Of Wings: Uncommon

:bulletblue: Gills: Common

:bulletblue: Earth Type: Common

:bulletblue: Fully Opened Eyes: Mythic

:bulletblue: Magic Water Fairy Pond: Mythic

:bulletblue: Normal Hooves W/Fetlocks: Common

:bulletblue: Fresh Water Fairy Pond: Common

:bulletblue: Siren Class: Uncommon

Masterlist #: N/A (yet)

Faerings (c) AlimareEmpire
20% Cooler Alicorn
"Rainbow Dash?!" Twilight cried out, looking at the rainbow maned Element of Loyalty in front of her, who was busy rolling around on a cloud, laughing loudly at the prank that she had pulled on the egghead alicorn. "I sooo got you, Twilight~! Best. Prank. Ev---" A lavender hoof slapped across Rainbow Dash's face, startling her. "Rainbow Dash, how.. how DARE you?!" Twilight screamed, tears from her eyes. "Whoa, Twilight, chill! It's just rain and a mix of thunder. Don't worry about it, the frizzy mane will go back to normal!" Rainbow Dash said. "What?! No, I'm talking about you DYING!" Twilight said to the confused mare. "What? Me, dying? Puh-leese, Twilight! That meteorite was NOTHI--" "RAINBOW DASH,YOU DIED! YOU DIED, AND WE BURIED YOU LAST WEEK!" Twilight cried out. "I-I don't even know if you're real or not, but... we buried you into the ground. You were given an Honorary Medal of Bravery from the Wonderbolts! You...." Twilight broke down into tears, sobbing loudly. Rainbow Dash felt terrible. She honestly didn't know that she had died, and embraced Twilight in a hug. "...I'm sorry, Twi." she whispered softly, comforting the lavender alicorn.

Base (c) RoseyInk-Bases Base Link:…

MLP: FiM (c) Hasbro
PKMN-CrescentCavern - Owlowiscious
Pokemon: Rowlet
Name: Owlowiscious
Special: Variant, Shiny
Gender: Male
Type: :icongrasstypeplz::iconflyingtypeplz:
ID Number: 3115
Hatch Date: 3/28/2017

Level: 4
Started Combat Attack: 100
Current Combat Attack: 100
Ability: Long Reach

:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:icongrasstypeplz: Leafage

Level Up Log:

Current Reference: 4 levels (fullbody +3, simple background +1)


First Generation
Belle and Nightshade
Name: Nightshade
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Rank: Student of Princess Luna
Residence: Canterlot
Age: 16
Cutie Mark: A dark moon with overcasting pinkish-purple clouds.
Talent: Magic.
Hobby: Acupuncture, poisons, antidotes, potions.
Sexuality: Asexual.

Personality: Nightshade is a pony that tells it like it is, with cold, hard, bitter facts of life. Everything must come to an end one day, and why worry about that when there's a whole life in front of you? Despite her grumpy attitude when she hasn't had her morning espresso, Nightshade can actually have fun once in a while. But that's if she can make any friends, as her looks tend to make the other pretty pastel ponies wary of her. She knows of all the rumors that she works with dark magic. But that's only slightly true. Yes, dark magic is nothing to mess with, unless you're taking baby steps. Nightshade can be pretty crass towards others, especially if some pony thinks she's completely evil. Other than that, she takes care of her fellow ponies... if they'd allow her.

Background: No pony really knows where Nightshade came from. Not even Nightshade herself. No family to call her own, she wanders around Canterlot for more into her mysterious past that she knows nothing about. Nightshade was found as a fragile, thin little filly, crying in a dark alleyway of Canterlot upon a dangerously storming night. Her forehead was bleeding, and she didn't know why. Princess Luna's guards had found the tiny foal and immediately took her in for food and warmth. She saw the glittering mane of Princess Luna, the caretaker of the night. She immediately bonded with the princess, and began to work under her as her student when she gained her cutie mark. By doing so, Nightshade has began to raise a dragon of her own, to whom she affectionately called Belle. Like other dragons that have been hatched by their caretaker's magic, Belle can use her dragon breath to send Princess Luna letters. However, it's a more frigid breath rather than fire. With Nightshade's talent of magic attuned to the night, Nightshade has then taken on the hobbies of healing... and dealing damage. She still wonders about her past, and if she even had a family.

Bases were made by SelenaEde


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