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A Robin's Herb :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 3 0 PKMN-CrescentCavern - Fleur De Lis :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 3 3 'No Snu-Snu For Starlight' Base :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 4 0 LoH - Amelia :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 1 3 Pandora and Cupcake (With Moondancer) :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 2 1 Flutershy's Wedding Dress :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 6 3 Belle and Nightshade :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 4 1 'I'm Going On An Adventure!' Base :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 2 0 Equestrian Tribes - Vegtani :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 0 2 Equestrian Tribes - Squakpin :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 3 0 Whispering Aria Tribal Logo :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 1 0 Padparadscha Prison - Lotus Garnet :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 2 2 MOTME wip [Catwoman] :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 0 0 What? Your Duchess is Evolving! :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 6 23
PKMNation Event - February of 2017, Week 1 Entry
Love is in the Air
A PKMNation Event - Week 1
February. The month dedicated to love and romance. Sweet words and secret kisses. A time where you sit out on a hill to watch the sunrises and sunsets. Where you lay out on the ground, to view the stars above. The Pokemon that had gone with Caitlin, the young woman who owned Pixie Meadows, the previous month were resting, their expedition proven fruitful. But there was one Pokemon who could not close his eyes, no matter how much he wanted to. As of late, his mind had been filled with the image of another Charizard, Azula. She came from the same island their expedition took place last month. She loved jewels and gold, and he was frightened that one day, a Honchkrow would easily whisk the lady dragon away with his baubles and trinkets of gold. Soon, his eyes finally closed, only to open hours later when there was a commotion of sorts outside
Calcifer, the dragon that had dreamed of Azula, crawled out of his cave that he had clai
:iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 1 0
POF - Blue Pearl :iconmiss-dew-drop:Miss-Dew-Drop 9 7




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Don't join this group! I'm fucking serious, I've been trying for about a week and a half to join them, but after 3 tries I then have to wait and ENTIRE month to try again. And they had the gall to basically say "If you don't like it, go somewhere else." sort of attitude. I'm a pretty decent artist, and a pretty decent person, but... fucking HELL these people are such arrogant PRICKS! I had to update my art 4 times but they declined me anyways claiming that I was TRACING. I'm just... so fucking FED UP.


Belle and Nightshade
Name: Nightshade
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Rank: Student of Princess Luna
Residence: Canterlot
Age: 16
Cutie Mark: A dark moon with overcasting pinkish-purple clouds.
Talent: Magic.
Hobby: Acupuncture, poisons, antidotes, potions.
Sexuality: Asexual.

Personality: Nightshade is a pony that tells it like it is, with cold, hard, bitter facts of life. Everything must come to an end one day, and why worry about that when there's a whole life in front of you? Despite her grumpy attitude when she hasn't had her morning espresso, Nightshade can actually have fun once in a while. But that's if she can make any friends, as her looks tend to make the other pretty pastel ponies wary of her. She knows of all the rumors that she works with dark magic. But that's only slightly true. Yes, dark magic is nothing to mess with, unless you're taking baby steps. Nightshade can be pretty crass towards others, especially if some pony thinks she's completely evil. Other than that, she takes care of her fellow ponies... if they'd allow her.

Background: No pony really knows where Nightshade came from. Not even Nightshade herself. No family to call her own, she wanders around Canterlot for more into her mysterious past that she knows nothing about. Nightshade was found as a fragile, thin little filly, crying in a dark alleyway of Canterlot upon a dangerously storming night. Her forehead was bleeding, and she didn't know why. Princess Luna's guards had found the tiny foal and immediately took her in for food and warmth. She saw the glittering mane of Princess Luna, the caretaker of the night. She immediately bonded with the princess, and began to work under her as her student when she gained her cutie mark. By doing so, Nightshade has began to raise a dragon of her own, to whom she affectionately called Belle. Like other dragons that have been hatched by their caretaker's magic, Belle can use her dragon breath to send Princess Luna letters. However, it's a more frigid breath rather than fire. With Nightshade's talent of magic attuned to the night, Nightshade has then taken on the hobbies of healing... and dealing damage. She still wonders about her past, and if she even had a family.

Bases were made by SelenaEde
A Robin's Herb
I thought I'd do something cute. Here's a picture of a robin holding a single stalk of cilantro. This is a shipping picture. Do try and guess what ship it is. UwU
Only the nerdiest of nerds will get this reference!
PKMN-CrescentCavern - Fleur De Lis
Pokemon: Lapras / Corsola
Name: Fleur De Lis
Special: Mixed Breed
Gender: Female
Type: :iconwatertypeplz::iconrocktypeplz:
ID Number: 3043
Hatch Date: 3/17/2017

Level: 4
Started Combat Attack: 100
Current Combat Attack: 100
Ability: Shell Armor

:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:iconnormaltypeplz: Harden
:iconnormaltypeplz: Sing
:iconnormaltypeplz: Growl
:iconwatertypeplz: Water Gun

Level Up Log:

Current Reference: 4 levels (fullbody +3, simple background +1)


First Generation
PKMN-CrescentCavern - Azula
Pokemon: Charizard
Name: Azula
Special: Variant, Shiny, Dragon/Fairy Blend
Gender: Female
Type: :iconfiretypeplz::icondragontypeplz::iconfairytypeplz:
ID Number: 3078
Hatch Date: 2/4/2017

Level: 23
Started Combat Attack: 100
Current Combat Attack: 100
Ability: Blaze

:iconflyingtypeplz: Wing Attack
:iconfiretypeplz: Flare Blitz
:iconfiretypeplz: Heat Wave
:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Claw
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Claw
:iconflyingtypeplz: Air Slash
:iconnormaltypeplz: Scratch
:iconnormaltypeplz: Growl
:iconfiretypeplz: Ember

Level Up Log:

From PKMN-CrescentCavern:

Current Reference: 4 levels (fullbody +3, simple background +1)

From PKMNation… 5 Levels.
Reference Sheet: 4 Levels (Full Body + Background)…
10 Levels (800 Words + Mission Bonus + Fairy Type Bonus + Trainer Bonus)


First Generation
LoH - Amelia
Name: Amelia Vato

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Rito

Allegiance: Good

Birthplace: Kargaroc Valley

Residence: Kakariko Village

Family: Deceased

Partner(s): N/A

Occupation: Archer

Goal: Her goal is to become a master of Archery, to see things far off in the distance and prevent the enemy from claiming lives before it can happen.

Personality: Amelia tends to be a bit OCD when it comes to homely cleanliness, as she believes the home should be clean at all times in case of surprise visitors. She also has quite a bit of a green feather, being able to have a beautiful floral garden and some fruits always growing somewhere at certain times of the year. Amelia refuses to even see any form of poultry, or allow it inside of her home. She doesn't care if her guests like it, it's not allowed. Although Amelia is a strict vegetarian, she doesn't mind things produced from animals themselves, such as milk and eggs.

Amelia does NOT like killing animals, even if they're vicious towards her or to friends, but she will if she must. Amelia is very active, and trains to be the best Rito archer as she can possibly be.

Other: She tends to flap her arms/wings in irritation if one is doing something that she believes is completely unnecessary. Amelia also tends to braid and unbraid her long white hair, in instances of anxiety and nervousness.

Long-Ranged attacks (such as bows), aerial bombing, keen sight.

Electric based attacks/magic, Fire, Close Combat.

Grappling Hook, Bow, Quiver, 1 Bottle, Bomb Bag, Bombs, Wallet.

When Amelia was 8 years old, just after earning her wings, something dubious had happened. There were flocks upon flocks of Kargorocs descending from the heavens unto the valley. Her life had gone upside down, as Rito life was being wiped out before her eyes. She ran, hiding under a pile of hay and fallen wood. Devastation was everywhere, buildings and homes destroyed, bodies littering among the ground. Amelia waited and waited, hoping that someone would come find her. No one ever did. Since that day, she had found a life, far away in a place called Kakariko Village. It was a very peaceful little village, and she stayed there, training day after day in the art of Marksmanship. She raises a flock of Cuckoos, for no other reason in particular than to make herself happy.

Note: Amelia still has normal rito wings and arms!


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